Slave Play

An antebellum plantation is the setting for the Broadway production of Slave Play at the Shubert Organization's Golden Theatre. Photo based on originals by Alvaro Prieto and Maryann Cummings.
Find out why people are walking out on this show that’s too controversial for its venue!

By Andrew Andrews

Slave Play opens with three no-holds-barred farcical scenes about interracial sexual role play centered around themes of slavery. It’s more in line with the kind of experimental work I’d expect to find downtown than on Broadway, and it challenges the audience to let go of their expectations and hold on for the ride. But after the farce is abruptly terminated, shit gets real, and we “ruminate” over what just happened with the three couples undergoing day four of an experimental treatment, dubbed Antebellum Sexual Performance Therapy. The goal is to help the black partners overcome symptoms of impotence and withdrawal from their lighter-skinned significant others, but the road to recovery is always a bumpy ride.

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Andrew Andrews attended Slave Play at Shubert Organization Golden Theatre in New York on Tuesday, October 1, 2019 @ 8:00pm to write this review.

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