Spoke the Hub Presents Director’s Choice

By Andrew Andrews

Rebecca Corrigan, Juli Todd and Kendall Walker from Sarah Richman Dance perform "If Obedience Is Admirable..."

In just a few days (February 3-4, to be exact) Spoke the Hub presents the Local Produce Winter Follies, a dance festival now seventeen years running. To whet our appetites, they presented two “Director’s Choice” events this weekend, featuring performances selected from last season’s showcases.

We caught the final show of Showcase #2, featuring 5th Digit Dance, Johnnie Cruise Mercer, Sarah Richman Dance and Michiyaya Dance, in that order, and managed to live broadcast a few excerpt videos to Periscope during the experience, so check them out!

The first company opened the show with a pair of works: the solo Decent Descent performed by choreographer Cassandra Cotta, followed by her collaborative Gameplan, featuring Desiree Amadeo, Kailey McCrudden, Sarah Osterhus, Therese Ronco and Ellie Weinmann, inspired by the movement of players on the gridiron. Johnnie Cruise Mercer and Jevon Phoenix then set the stage for Mercer’s The Indigo Kid, a work about metamorphosis heavily influenced by his background in dramatic theater. Following a brief intermission, Sarah Richman brought to the floor Rebecca Corrigan, Kyle Livsey, Juli Todd and Kendall Walker for her If Obedience Is Admirable..., a work that brought to mind the genius of Louise Bourgeois—if dance had been among her mediums! Lastly, Michiyaya Dance Company filled the space with a very provocative excerpt The End from Anya Clarke’s work-in-progress Spline. Performed by Belinda Adam, Natsumi Sophia Bellali, Breeanah Breeden, Stephanie Carlos, N’ria Martin Fandos, Hannah Seiden and Alexandra Wood, it’s sadly the only piece that we didn’t get on video, but check out our two photos for a taste of the artistry that went not only into the performance, but the costumes as well.

If last season’s director’s choices are any indication, the upcoming Winter Follies is sure to please any modern dance enthusiast with performances by virtuosi from nearly two dozen companies. And even if you’re not a full-fledged dance fan, each piece will be limited to five minutes’ length, making it a great opportunity to experience the genre. Give it a shot, then come back here and let us know how you’d rate the show! 4

Andrew Andrews attended Spoke the Hub Presents Director’s Choice at Old First Reformed Church in Brooklyn on Sunday, January 29, 2017 @ 4:00pm to write this review.