The Tempest

By Andrew Andrews

Ben Rosloff and Carly Hayes fall in love in EPIC Players Inclusion Company’s production of The Tempest at The Flea’s Siggy Theater. Photo by Ric Sechrest.

The lights go down and you’re surrounded by the sounds of the entire cast: shouting, wailing, moaning and vocalizing the noises of a storm at sea like a beatboxer backing an a capella group. Strobe lights flash and you believe it’s lightning, conjured by Prospero (Anton Spivak) from his perch on the stage. You are smack-dab in the middle of a tempest—no, make that The Tempest, and for the next two hours, Shakespeare’s masterpiece holds your attention like never before.

Maybe it’s the superb direction from the team of Aubrie Therrien, Meggan Dodd and Travis Brubee. Perhaps it’s the elaborate costumes by Cat Fisher. Or maybe it’s the fact that this is no ordinary production at the Flea Theater, where the resident Bats have relinquished their stage to a special group of performers—EPIC Players Inclusion Company—professional actors that span the spectrum from neuro-typical to developmentally disabled.

The cast members—too numerous to list here—deliver a solid performance with all of the elements you’d expect from a production of Shakespeare, and the show is every bit as engaging as many of The Bard’s works that we’ve seen around town. But beyond most such productions, this one will leave you feeling good for two reasons: firstly, because who doesn’t love Shakespeare? and secondly, who doesn’t love supporting a cause that allows differently-abled people to reach their potential and shine in its success? So check out this show before it closes on June 10th, then come back here and let us know if it wasn’t the most EPIC Tempest you’ve ever seen. Because as always, your reviews can help others decide whether they should attend, and your ratings help us help you find future performances (as well as other opportunities to support a great cause) that you’re sure to love!


Andrew Andrews attended The Tempest at Flea Theatre in Manhattan on Sunday, June 3, 2018 @ 2:00pm to write this review.