Uh-Oh! Stories from People Who Pooped Their Pants

Legion, Brooklyn

By Andrew Andrews

Host Chris Calogero reads stories from index cards submitted by audience members who pooped their pants, during Uh-Oh! at Legion bar in Williamsburg.

Just when you think there’s been a show about everything, Chris Calogero (co-host of Match Game NYC) has people spilling out of the back room at Legion Bar in Billyburg to listen to comedians recall times that they pooped their pants! It sounded like a crap shoot, but since our mission is to help everyone find events you’ll love, we decided to check it out, and relieve you of any questions about how it would materialize!

Olivia Vessel opened the show singing a cover of Louis CK’s Please Shit on My Dreams, then Calogero encouraged audience members to divulge their own stories (for a chance to win prizes from Squatty Potty) before sharing a story of his own. Keeping things flowing, Ahri Findling told us about the time when a DUI checkpoint in Pittsburgh stopped his car but not his bowels, then Julia Shiplett explained why she tries not to wear jumpsuits anymore, and Courtney Maginnis shared a similar warning about wearing tights! Between each comedian’s tale, Calogero returned to the stage to read from the many audience submissions, awarding swag to those who were daring enough to own up to their stories.

Next, Selena Coppock (co-host of Bitchcraft) recalled an incident at field hockey camp that she swears was caused by too much fiber added to the food in a college cafeteria, then Tommy McNamara (previously spotted at the Educated Guess Science Fair) pinched out an original song about the first three times that he pooped his pants. Lastly, Doug Smith released his secret about the time in third grade when nobody knew the price he paid to play the French horn!

Yes, we squirmed—surprisingly, more than the comedians who were spilling their guts about some of the most intimate, vulnerable moments of their lives. Yes, we cringed. Yes, we gasped. But most importantly, we laughed—and we laughed a lot. After Calogero selected Squatty Potty winners, he asked the audience if he should do the show again. The answer? A resounding “yes!”

Andrew Andrews attended Uh-Oh! Stories from People Who Pooped Their Pants at Legion in Brooklyn on Thursday, March 30, 2017 @ 8:00pm to write this review.