By Andrew Andrews

Why attend a show designed to make you feel uncomfortable? Because where else can you see a white man pretending to be adopted at birth by Japanese parents, raised in Japan and speaking English as a second language (complete with an accent that he insists is not racist)? Or watch the same man ask a female friend why she wouldn’t go out with him in front of a live audience? Or lead an uncomfortably-long sing-a-long wearing a bodysuit that reveals a bit too much? Whatever it says about us, star Alan Starzinski still manages to elicit laughs, perhaps because it’s all so uncomfortable.So the next time you have five dollars to burn and half-an-hour to kill (because, let’s face it, an hour would be too long for comfort), try to catch this show at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, or wherever else it may be. Because once you get past the discomfort, it’s actually a pretty funny show.


Andrew Andrews attended Umconfortable at UCB Chelsea (closed) in Manhattan on Wednesday, November 16, 2016 @ 7:00pm to write this review.