The Wake of Dorcas Kelly

Whores and clients sit watch during The Wake of Dorcas Kelly while a priest comforts the injured head of security, in spit & vigor’s debut of their artistic director Sara Fellini’s new play. Original production photos by Nick Thomas.
What you need to know before purchasing your ticket to this play!

By Andrew Andrews

Dublin, Ireland, 1761.

The body of Madame Dorcas Kelly has just been smuggled into her house of ill repute for a proper wake, after being hanged and burned by the angry mob outside.

Clients and a former whore pop in and out of the brothel to pay their respects, recall memories and gossip about the situation, as a priest who’s passed out from too much opium is dragged in through the window and bound in rope, to perform last rights when he eventually comes-to.

As the night goes on, the company uncovers increasingly-disturbing secrets about the deceased madame, eventually realizing that the angry mob was more justified in their action than originally anticipated.

The performance is punctuated by musical interludes.

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Andrew Andrews attended The Wake of Dorcas Kelly at Players Theatre in New York on Thursday, July 15, 2021 @ 8:00pm to write this review.

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