Water, Water Everywhere…

Fountain's (Vanessa Lynah) “Clean Water Saves Lives” vest epitomizes the theme of Exquisite Corpse Company's performance. Original photo by Al Rodriguez.
Find out whether this immersive experience is worth the ferry ride to Governors Island!

By Andrew Andrews

In Water, Water Everywhere, characters from the past, present and future interact with each other as they lead you around a house in Colonels Row on Governors Island. A storm chaser lives in a future when all of the world’s water has apparently flowed to the ocean, while twin children from the past want to help her stay hydrated. In the present, a Coast Guard family attempts to free their mother from a disassociative disorder by bringing her back to the house where they all experienced a trauma. Weaving through the threads is a supernatural entity that takes on human form to interact with the others.

As in many immersive performances, the audience is split into three groups, so participants will experience different parts of the story as the characters take them through different rooms in the abandoned, deteriorating house.

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Andrew Andrews attended Water, Water Everywhere… at Governors Island 404A Colonels Row in New York on Sunday, September 22, 2019 @ 2:00am to write this review.

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