WHALES: A Punk Rock Moby Dick

Carli Rhoades, Samantha Blain and Mikayla Stanley in WHALES: A Punk Rock Moby Dick at the Peoples Improv Theater in the Flatiron District. Original photo by Ambe J. Photography.

By Andrew Andrews

We admit we had our doubts when we learned that WHALES was a shadow play. We’ve seen shadow puppets before around town and, to say the least, they weren’t very impressive (but then, even a traditional shadow play at the Ancient Folk House in Xi’an wasn’t exactly the highlight of a trip to China a few years back). And we’ve been to the PIT many times—often as the only members of the audience—and although there have been some big winners (such as Fake It Till You Make It and Taboo Tales), in hindsight it was usually pretty clear why a show wasn’t well attended.

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Andrew Andrews attended WHALES: A Punk Rock Moby Dick at The PIT/Peoples Improv Theater in New York on Thursday, April 26, 2018 @ 9:30pm to write this review.

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