Wind-Up Variations

By Andrew Andrews

New York Neo-Futurists Eevin Hartsough, Ayun Halliday, T Thompson and Daniel Mirsky star in Rob Neill’s Wind-Up Variations through May 12th at the Kraine Theater.

Wind-Up Variations is “How are you here?” It is “Where are you from?” It is “Where are you going?” It is magical ponies in a fountain of rainbows and butterflies. It is unintelligible notes about meaning and futility and time. It is Newsflash! Newsflash! Newsflash! Newsflash! It is BEEP BOOP BEEP CRUNCH ROAR. It is the dark part. It is tasty, toasted cookies. It is a unicorn descending on a cloud, with a back story song reminiscent of Flight of the Conchords. It is white aprons put on, and taken back off again.

Wind-Up Variations is guitars and it is megaphones and it is microphones dangling from the ceiling. It is an AC-505. It is head lamps, and it is kind of like acting. It is a simple name spelled complicated and a first name that never needs a last name. It is the name for a girl born on a Monday. It is introduced as Daniel but referred to as Mirsky. It is Ukranian communists. It is a real Triceratops dinosaur, but in retrospect it is probably a bunch of pillows. It is avatars. It is a woman who trusted her eyes a little bit less each day. It is a field in Texas. It is an afternoon in May. It is bigger than you...and us.

Wind-Up Variations is ponder that. It is goggles. It is “Dare to Be.” It is a battle cry. It is send a text to someone right now and tell them where you are. It is point your phones at the stage. It is abstract dreams beyond the variations. It is slap me—but just gently. It is little travelers. It is everyone from the audience (who wants to be) on stage together at the same time.

Wind-Up Variations is the latest show from the New York Neo-Futurists. As with everything from the “Neos,” it is not something to be seen—it is something to be experienced. It is something to be contemplated. It is something to be shared.

Experience it, then ponder it, then come back here and share what it was for you.


Andrew Andrews attended Wind-Up Variations at Kraine Theater in Manhattan on Saturday, April 21, 2018 @ 8:00pm to write this review.