The World Goes ’Round

I’ll tell you a little secret about Mac-Haydn’s double header of musical revues, because you deserve to know.

By Andrew Andrews

Amber Mawande-Spytek and Liz Gurland toast in Mac-Haydn’s production of The World Goes ’Round, running concurrently with Beehive: The 60s Musical. Original photos by Ann Kielbasa.

Start spreadin’ the news: Mac-Haydn is singin’ the songs of Kander and Ebb.

If you think you don’t know any of those songs: guess again.

(Theme from) New York, New Yorkespecially as performed by Frank Sinatra—is their best known.

Have you seen the movies or musicals Chicago or Cabaret? That’s them, too. And nearly two dozen other shows, as well.

The World Goes ’Round extracts twenty-nine numbers—that’s right: twenty-nine!from their catalog, and pins them back-to-back in a two-hour revue of nothing but song and dance.

And if that’s not enough for you, Mac-Haydn is concurrently putting on Beehive: The ’60s Musical… and sometimes you can even see both shows on the same day, as I just did!

The company ((L-R): Gabe Belyeu, Erin Spears Ledford, Amber Mawande-Spytek, Liz Gurland, William Taitel and Kylan Ross) amongst the orchestra on the adorable “big band” showcase stage.

If there’s one thing you should know about the Mac-Haydn Theatre, it’s this: they only do musicals, and they’ve been doin’ ’em for fifty-two years.

With that kind of history, it’s natural to expect they should know what they’re doing. And although some of their productions are better than others, this is one that certainly proves their expertise.

Of course, you’ll love the songs you already know… but let me tell you: you’ll quickly love the others, too.

Featuring the company’s first-string lineup, everyone on stage brings their “A” game to this production, from the hauntingly beautiful opening rendition of the title track to the unique, multilingual closing performance of Kander and Ebb’s greatest hit.

Even the wonderful six-piece house orchestra appears on the stage, which is designed with a “big band” feel that brings back the generations when musicals were first and foremost funlike a party on the set.

When I mentioned Beehive earlier, you might have thought “I remember the ’60s, I’d like to see that one, it will bring back some great memories!”

Well, feel free to attend Beehive for the nostalgia.

But do yourself a favor, and see this show, too—because even if you don’t know as many of the songs, I’ll bet your bippy you’re going to enjoy this one a lot more.


Andrew Andrews attended The World Goes ’Round at Mac-Haydn Theatre in Chatham on Saturday, September 11, 2021 @ 3:00pm to write this review.