Would You Rather

By Andrew Andrews

Andre Medrano and JR Strauss ask Brad Howe if he’d rather be addicted to drugs or thugs.

“Would you rather never speak again, or constantly say what you’re thinking?” That’s the kind of question you’re likely to be asked if you’re a guest on this unique show in an unusual venue: a Vegan Organic Mexican Restaurant. Each episode, hosts Andre Medrano and JR Strauss construct dozens of “Would you rather...” questions and invite a handful of funny people to consider them aloud and provide an answer. Attending is a lot like a party game—if everyone at the party was a comedian and you were a fly on the wall.

This week, guest Justin Linville started the show mulling over such questions as the one posited above and “would you rather be a hopeless romantic or an idiot savant?” Kelly Cooper decided she would rather date a guy who calls her “Kiddo” than one who calls himself “The Kid,” and admitted that she already owns a fat entitled cat that loves lasagna, given a choice between that, and a skinny cat that loves The Lord. And when asked if she’d rather be known for having a great attitude or great genitals, Gina Ginsberg explained that, according to her gynecologist, she already sports the latter, and admits she could use the attitude adjustment.

Of all of tonight’s guests, we’d give Lime-A-Rita addict Brad Howe the prize for really thinking out loud about the alternative realities he was presented, which included the toughest choice of the evening: “would you rather sit on something wet in the subway, or put your hand in something gooey?” In fact, if there’s one thing we’d like to see added to this show, it’s prizes for the best answers—possibly chosen by an Opplaud-O-Meter! Also, it would be cool if the comedians each performed a few minutes of stand-up first, to let them warm up the crowd.

To be honest, we didn’t think this show would be as funny as it turned out. Not to say that we were doubling over in our seats, but the laughs kept coming consistently from beginning to end. When a guest couldn’t think of something witty to say about a situation, Andre or JR would chime in with just the right comment to inject a little more humor and keep things moving along. Need an example? When guest comedian Matt Liner thought he would rather have a prostate exam from Dr. Seuss than Dr. Phil, Andre and JR reminded him that Seuss would probably invite a whole slew of crazy characters to help with the procedure!

Maybe you had to be there, but we’re glad that we were. Check out our photos, and if you missed Would You Rather this time, be sure to catch the next show on April 3rd at VSpot Organic (St. Marks Place)at 8pm! 4

Andrew Andrews attended Would You Rather at VSPOT Organic in Manhattan on Monday, January 9, 2017 @ 7:00pm to write this review.